A warm welcome from Jamaica. Be my guest, make yourself at home and take a look around. I’m hoping this website will help me to keep in touch with my readers and if there is anything else you would like to see included in these pages, let me know.

About Brenda

Books have always been a big part of life for Jamaican born Brenda Barrett. From as far back as age seven she read her first novel, a wartime love story which took her three days to read because she had no pictures to follow. Seeing her love for reading, and the voracious way she devoured all the ‘grown up’ books in the bookcase, her mother fanned the flames of her obsession by borrowing books from the local library which she deemed age appropriate.

The addiction to books continued through the years and presently she reports that she gets withdrawal symptoms if she does not consume at least four books per week. That is all she can manage these days as her days are filled with writing, a natural progression from her love of reading.

Her first book ‘Di Taxi Ride and Other Stories’ is a collection of twelve short comical stories based in Jamaica, ranging from a typical Jamaican taxi ride, told through the eyes of a returning resident; a visit by a business professional to a crooked obeah woman; and a date gone awry.

Brenda found that writing short stories was very easy to do and so she challenged herself to writing novels. Her first novel, ‘The Pull of Freedom’ is based on the lives of Jamaican national heroine Nanny and Cudjoe and gives a behind the scenes look at their lives intertwined with other fictional characters. That book received a Bronze award at the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission, Creative writing Competition.

Her other novels, ‘The Empty Hammock’, ‘New Beginnings’ and ‘Full Circle’ have also won awards.

Apart from writing fictional books, Brenda writes for her hair care blog BlackHair101.com, where she gives hair care tips and tricks.

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