Never Say Never

You can only live once, right?

That is what Travis Jefferson believed. He had a past with many mishaps and an accident that left him crippled, but he was in no doubt that one could not just reset their lives.
And that is why, when his attractive neighbor and student, Skyler Porter, told him he was a resetter, he was doubtful that she was sane.
Even though Skyler and her family seemed to believe this myth and had their own resetter, he was not buying it. It would take something catastrophic in his life to make him contemplate going back in time…

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Summer 2000

“Skyler Porter, is it?” Mrs. Beckett, the human resource director looked over her glasses at Sky and then down at the resume in her hand before Sky could answer.

“You have an MBA from Harvard?” The lady looked up at her again. “How old are you?”

Sky resisted the urge to roll her eyes and point out that her age was at the top of the document.

“Twenty-two,” she replied in a well-modified tone.

She needed this job—if she had to suffer through obvious questions she would suffer through them. She had no idea why Jefferson Pharmaceuticals called her at the time they did even though she had not applied for the job. Nevertheless, it was an answer to prayers because she was at a crossroad in her life.

She had the option of staying in the States with her cousin, Addi, and find a job in New York, or return to Jamaica. The decision had been made for her with an invite to a job interview.

“How did you do it?” Mrs. Beckett leaned back in her chair.

“Do what?” Sky thought that she had missed something.

“Finished your undergraduate degree by twenty and your MBA by twenty-two?”

“I just worked hard,” Sky said. “I did more courses than the usual in my undergraduate studies and graduated with a perfect GPA and then went to Harvard Business School on a scholarship.”

Mrs. Beckett smiled. “I am impressed.”

“Thank you.” Sky nodded. She was now warming up to the stern looking woman.

“As you know this is a family owned company. Travis Jefferson is the current president of this company. His father, Manuel, started out selling cough syrup. Since the eighties the business has grown exponentially.

“We are the leading pharmaceutical company in the Caribbean. We are a large company and we continue to expand everyday. This position of Business Development Manager is a senior management position, Miss Porter.

“Unfortunately, you have no experience whatsoever.  You have a very nice degree, no doubt, but I am afraid that I can’t in all good conscience recommend you for this position…”

Sky couldn’t believe what she was hearing. She had not applied for this position. She had not even heard about it until she was asked to send in her resume. And now, after scraping together her airfare and spending her last dollar on an expensive suit, she was told this madness. Now, she would have to report the bad news to her father who had so exuberantly greeted her at the airport.

He had been excited at the possibilities of her living back home and closer to him. She was going to have to burst his bubble.

Sky got up slowly, disappointment ricocheting through her like fireworks.

Did this lady think that she had just been hanging out in Kingston? Did she have any idea how far she was coming from to be having this failed interview?

They could have done this over the phone!

“I am sorry Miss Porter.” Mrs. Beckett held out her hand to be shaken.

She didn’t look sorry.

Sky looked at her outstretched arm and for a split second considered being rude, but she didn’t. She shook the lady’s hand and searched for something to say that was pleasant, something that didn’t scream her disappointment.

The door to the office was unceremoniously opened before she could formulate a word and a rather handsome guy pushed his head around the door.

“Oh good, she is here. Send her to my office Bertha, will you?”

Sky frowned and looked from Mrs. Beckett to the mysterious gentleman.

Mrs. Beckett looked miffed. “But I already checked over her resume as you asked me to, sir, and I think…”

He came into the room fully. He was tall—over six feet. He had dark nutmeg brown skin and jet-black wavy hair, which was brushing his collar—some of it was falling in his chocolate brown eyes. He was the definition of tall, dark and handsome.

He pushed his hand in his suit pocket and looked at Sky for longer than was polite and then back at Mrs. Beckett.

“This interview was supposed to be a formality, Bertha. If I didn’t have that meeting I would have been around to welcome Sky into the Jefferson Pharmaceutical family.”

And then his magnetic brown eyes were eating her up. “I am sorry for the misunderstanding, Skyler.” He moved from the doorway and advanced to her with a smile in his eyes.

“My name is Travis Jefferson. Will you be so kind as to walk with me to my office?”

Sky nodded as if she was in a daze. He called her Sky with a hint of familiarity that was puzzling and exciting at the same time.

This was the Travis Jefferson, the head of the company. She had no idea he was so young, maybe early thirties and no idea that he was so attractive. Sky tried not to stare when she walked closer to him. She could smell his cologne—something earthy.

She had the insane urge to stop and sniff him. Instead, she concentrated on looking professional and followed him to the bank of elevators. His office was three floors up from where she met Mrs. Beckett.

He stood apart from her in the elevator and stared at her as if he wanted to say something.

Sky felt a bit self-conscious. She suffered through his silent regard and then followed him through the carpeted hallway and into his office.

Up here in the hallowed hallways of richness was obviously where the executives resided. Every door had a name embossed in brass, each of which had a VP of whatever on it.

His door was wider than the rest. There was a sub-office before another door. A lady who Sky assumed was his secretary was sitting at a desk. She was on the telephone.

“Hold my calls, Betty, and no visitors,” Travis said before they headed to another door, which Sky assumed was his office.

The office was large and tastefully done. One section of the wall was made of stone, with little niches in the wall, which were filled with flowerpots with bright looking plants—each blooming a different color.

A small conference table was at one end and in the middle was his desk. There was a patio filled with plants and a view of the mountains in the distance.

“Nice.” Sky looked around. “This is a dream office.”

Travis indicated for her to sit in a seat across from him and then he leaned over the desk smiling. “I have been keeping track of your educational pursuits, Miss Porter.”

“You have?” Sky was trying not to act surprised.

But he could see that she was.

He scratched his head and then laughed. “My God, it’s going to take time explaining this to you.”

“What are you going on about?” Sky asked frowning. “Do you know me from somewhere?”

He smiled. “I believe I do, Miss Porter. Not from some other place but some other time.”

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