Now or Never

After time traveling to the past Addi had her new life all planned out and it did not include Randy Vassell. She was determined not to make the same mistake she made with him before. After all, he was the man that she had wasted twenty years of her life with in the previous timeline.
However, life did not always go the way that is planned and 2002 found Addi in a very bad situation. When her only option was to go back home and lay low for a while, she contemplated working for Randy, who was newly engaged to be married. And that was when she realized that what she had for Randy would always be there. Would she blow her second chance with him, or would they finally have a happily ever after?

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Chapter One

Skyler’s Wedding- July 2000 

“So we meet again, Addi.”

Addi knew it was Randy even before she turned around. She had been aware of him through the whole service and then the reception. In a room full of good-looking men he was a standout. She was sure that she was not the only female who was ogling him.

She turned around slowly from where she was to take him in fully and then just like that her once steady hands started to tremble on the glass of wine.

“Randy, didn’t see you there.” She was trying for nonchalant. She failed.

“Liar.” Randy laughed. “It was a nice wedding. You made a beautiful maid of honor.”

“Thanks.” Addi nodded. “I almost didn’t show up. Sky and Travis were crazy enough to plan a large wedding in a mere two weeks.”

“But you did come. It’s nice to see you again.” Randy cleared his throat. “Can we go somewhere quiet and talk?” He looked around the crowded poolside of the Jefferson mansion. “Maybe to the gardens?”

Addi bit her lip and then shook her head. “I don’t think so. I meant what I said, Randy. I can’t have a relationship with you.”

“Yes, I remember,” Randy nodded, “Oh I remember last year in New York. You said I was a past mistake and that I had no place in your life this time around.”

“That’s right.” Addi nodded. “I am glad you got the message.”

“I did.” Randy shrugged. “I just don’t get the reason for the message.”

Addi put the drink on a table and then turned round again. “Okay, come on.”

Randy raised an eyebrow but did not argue. He followed her as she headed down a cobbled stone walkway all the way to a mini bridge where there was a pond and an unoccupied gazebo.

It was quite picturesque. There were koi in the pond—little colorful bodies glinting in the six o’clock sunlight. Addi stood in the gazebo her hands braced on the railing, her long curly hair in a half up half down hairdo. Her filmy long pink dress floated around her. She looked like a princess waiting for her loyal subject.

“Can I take your picture?” He asked taking out his camera, this is too lovely a moment not to capture.

Addi seemed like she thought about it for a moment and then she nodded. “Go ahead.”

He snapped several shots of her and then smiled. “I guess you are used to this and all, you being a model.”

“That was last year.” Addi sat in one of the chairs in the gazebo. “This year I am writing a novel.”

“That’s quite a departure from what you said you were doing before.” Randy stepped up into the gazebo and sat before her.

He loosened his bow tie and raised an eyebrow. “In the previous time you were a doctor in sociology. You should be pursuing a masters degree by now”

“You remembered that?” Addi asked flippantly.

“I remember everything you ever told me.” Randy leaned forward and frowned. “I invested in those tech stocks you told me about.”

“Good for you.” Addi smiled at him, the first genuine smile he was seeing from her in a while.

“I invested some of my money in real estate. After the 96 meltdown there were several places going for cheap.”

“And where are you working now, or are you just investing? Addi asked him.

Interest. Finally.

Randy relaxed somewhat. “I am working at Gordon and Fletcher, chief accounting officer for their telecommunications company. That’s the reason I was at the tech summit last year in New York.”

“That sounds great.” Addi looked at him and then away. “Really great.”

“I am still not married to any pastor’s daughter or have any hopes of joining the ministry.” Randy reminded her about what she had told him that he had ended up doing before she had reset things.

“I am very much interested in knowing why we can’t be together. You have written me off based on previous information from a timeline that I am not privy to.”

Addi sighed. “I don’t remember much of what happened. I have this book where I wrote down stuff and I cautioned myself to never get involved with you.”

Randy leaned back in the chair and rubbed the back of his neck. “This is frustrating Addison. You and I have chemistry. It is stupid for us not to explore that in the here and now. I am single. You are single. I have liked you since you were a kid. Now you are a grown, gorgeous woman. You have to give us a chance.”

“No!” Addi stood up. “I have other plans.”

“You have a boyfriend?” Randy asked belatedly.

“Yes.” Addison nodded. “The timing for us is just off.”

“I’d say.” Randy huffed. “I don’t know why I assumed you were single. Josh never mentioned to me that you were dating.”

He got up and stood beside her, looking down in the fishpond. “I guess we aren’t meant to be after all.”

“I guess so.” Addi looked at him and her lips had a slight tremor. “I am going back to the party.”

“You can break it off with him,” Randy said holding her hand. “I’ll wait.”

Addi looked down at their joined hands and then up at Randy. The pulse in her palm was racing and she knew her voice would be breathless. “I don’t think I should.”

“You should.” Randy leaned toward her so close she could feel the heat from his face. She could feel his breath on her skin. “When you do, call me.”

Addi inhaled tremulously and then stepped away from him. “I don’t think so. Goodbye Randy.”

“Never goodbye,” Randy gave her a bitter half smile, “not between you and me. I have a feeling we were meant to be together…”

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